Photo taken and edited by Brandie Hatch at the 2017 Tableau Conference

Brandie Hatch

Data Scientist

Collaborative analyst and designer turned data scientist with extensive experience in adult instruction as a Learning Specialist. My transferrable skills of communication, flexibility, patience, and process improvement are best when creatively solving problems for technical and non-technical audiences. I would like to branch out into social services and social change data science to incorporate ethical practices. How do we remove inherent bias in our algorithms that use biased data to train our models?

Why did you choose to study data?

Data is the future! Data gives us concrete opportunities to take current data and model future opportunities.


Data Science Projects

Project 1

Funnel with ACT, SAT, and FRPM
2019 ACT & SAT Scores: Schools with High Free & Reduced-Price Meals, California
Project hypothesis: students in low-income school districts are not meeting/exceeding the benchmark for SAT Math, Evidence-Based Reading & Writing (ERW), and ACT composite scores.

Project 2

Redlining Iowa
As Black populations rise in an area, how does the House sale price in Ames, Iowa change?

Project 3

Learn With Chewie
Web APIs & NLP
Goal: Build a classification model that can be used to identify Service Dogs vs Dog Training Service dogs require a lot of training.
  • What are the classification opportunities between the subreddits for Service Dogs and Dog Training?
  • How can those classifications help to predict training opportunities for service and other dogs?
  • Project 4

    Source and Data Dictionary
    Six hours to complete the following with the goal do some EDA and have at least one real (non-baseline) model fit and scored. It does not have to score well.
  • Select Data Source
  • Perform basic EDA
  • Perform basic data cleaning
  • Make a baseline model
  • Fit and evaluate at least one model

    Personal Goals

    Currently, reteaching myself to code HTML and Javascript

    Reading: You Better Be Lightening by Andrea Gibson

    2024 Summer Farm Life at Micki's Mini Farm, a miniature animal therapy farm

    Become a therapy dog team with Chewie


    Brandie Hatch
    Vancouver, Washington (Portland, Oregon metro area)
    Contact me through LinkedIn Messaging for more information. 

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